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Drumsticks patterns and colors

Drumsticks patterns and colors


Model Summary

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ArtiSticks: Model Summary

Express Yourself With Your Sticks!

After several years of research and development, HOT STICKS takes center stage once again with ARTISTICKS, a visually stunning line of drumsticks unlike any other available today. Always on the cutting edge, Hot Sticks is proud to offer the first full-color printed drumsticks designed to withstand the abuse of the toughest drummers! The first of their kind in the world, ARTISTICKS drumsticks are manufactured from top quality hickory with an innovative patent pending process. A synergistic combination of science and art, ARTISTICKS are intended to help you express yourself as a drummer and to add excitement to your performances. Unleash your creative energies with ARTISTICKS!

ARTISTICKS Are Made To Be Played!

Underneath the full-color graphics which help inspire you to play your best, the hickory wood body provides the strength, durability and shock absorbtion demanded by even the heaviest hitters. The models have been crafted with the balance, response and feel that work at all dynamic levels. The non-slip grip provides a comfortable natural feel under all playing conditions, and the colors of the graphics do not leave marks on your hands, drums or cymbals.

Get Artistic With ARTISTICKS!

ARTISTICKS are sold to stores and distributors in assorted dozens which group various artistic themes. An ever-evolving library of original art has something for all venues rock, country, jazz, alternative and blues. Quantities of individual prints can also be ordered, and custom imprints are available at a negotiated rate. ARTISTICKS are a great way to promote special concerts, fundraisers, new releases and more. The possibilities are unlimited!

"The ARTISTICKS drumstick line is a new direction for Hot Sticks, yet it is characterized by our company's commitment to excellence in top quality products, unbeatable service, and affordable prices. Neverbefore has this technology been available, and, true to form, musicians around the world are taking note. With full-color art fused to the surface of high quality hickory drumsticks, I hope that we can help drummers every-where to be inspired to express themselves more creatively. I thank everyone who continues to support Hot Sticks, and I encourage you to contact us with comments or suggestions." Kevin Pokallus President