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Drumsticks patterns and colors

Drumsticks patterns and colors


Model Summary

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Macrolus: Model Summary

MACROLUS™ - The Ultimate Colored Drumstick

New Macrolus™ drumsticks (U.S. Patent Pending) by Hot Sticks are among the most advanced drumsticks ever produced. Like all Hot Sticks, the Macrolus Series features stick specialist's world-famous, hand-selected American Hickory drumsticks in six popular, performance-proven sizes with a choice of natural wood or classic black nylon tips. On top of that, the exclusive Macrolus Series incorporates two innovations that increase the sticks' appearance and performance levels well beyond anything previously available.


Following state-of-the-art manufacturing and rigorous inspection processes that insure an uncompromising standard of drumstick quality, Hot Sticks' Macrolus models are put through a painstaking, eleven-step process to create their intense colors, striking patterns and spectacular visual effects. The sticks are available in a wide selection of finish options that have been developed for modern drummers that want to be seen as well as heard.


Another Hot Sticks Original, The Strike Zone™ is created by compressing the wood in the rim-shot area of the drumstick. Because of the increased density created in the Strike Zone area, the stick is significantly more durable and able to produce a brighter, more consistent rim-shot sound without affecting its weight, balance or response—proving that beauty can indeed be more than skin deep.


Available at a price that is no higher than conventional premium-quality sticks, all Macrolus models (except those with the American Flag finish) feature the standard (2.25") Strike Zone with eight XL (Extended Length) models offering an extended (4") Strike Zone area.