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Drumsticks patterns and colors

Drumsticks patterns and colors

ArtiSticks Drumsticks

Introducing the ArtiSticks line of full-color graphic sticks -- exclusively from Hot Sticks!

The latest addition to the Hot Sticks family, ArtiSticks feature full-color graphics that are applied to Hot Sticks’ first-quality drumsticks using a patent-pending image transfer process. Due to this advanced process, ArtiSticks finishes won’t rub-off on hands, drums or cymbals. So, while they may look too good to play with, they’re made to take a beating. ArtiSticks models are available in a wide choice of sizes and finishes.

Macrolus Drumsticks Hotsticks Drumsticks Natural Drumsticks
Macrolus Drumsticks Hotsticks Drumsticks Natural Drumsticks

The Macrolus line of brilliant foilstamped drumsticks

The “Ultimate Colored Drumsticks”, Macrolus sticks are made from Hot Sticks’ premium USA hickory and feature exclusive (patent-pending) reflective wraps for spectacular visual effects under daylight and stage-lighting situations. For increased durability, Macrolus sticks also incorporate Hot Stick’s “Strike Zone” which is created by compressing the top layers of wood in the rim-shot area of the drumstick with a 5-ton press. The Macrolus line is available in five types of finishes, including Metallics, Holographics, Special FX, Double FX and Traditional.

The Original Colored Stick

Back in the late 1970’s, Hot Sticks was the first modern drumstick manufacturer to develop a consistent method of applying durable, hi-gloss, automotive-quality finishes to drumsticks. Over the years Hot Sticks has continued to refine and perfect this exclusive process and today we offer nearly a dozen color choices— White, Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Green, Purple, Silver and Gold— in six popular models with our classic black nylon tips.

Natural Hickory Sticks

Although Hot Sticks is widely known as the leader in developing new drumstick finishes, underneath those incredible finishes lies an equally incredible stick. Perhaps this is why our Natural sticks are just as highly regarded as our colored sticks… and just as popular. Natural Hot Sticks are made from hand-selected, premium-grade American Hickory, manufactured to the highest standards and finished with a light coat of clear lacquer. Smooth, straight and consistent, Naturals are the only traditional (non-colored) sticks on the market that are good enough to bear the Hot Sticks name.