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Drumsticks patterns and colors

Drumsticks patterns and colors


DS-F Drumsticks 16 inch Foil Printing


Zones: Handle, Mid-zone, Taper

You may select a different foil color for each zone. Coverage in each zone is optional.


Foil Coverage Areas: Base pricing includes foil coverage for any one zone. A run charge is added for foil coverage in an additonal zone. (A total of two foil coverage run charges may be added.)


Foil Imprint: (Printing can be placed on the Handle or Taper zone)

Standard Text - Block text up to 30 characters (only one size and typeface available). A setup fee and a per peice run charge are added for each line. Maximum two lines.


Custom Contour Die - you may provide digital artwork (logo and/or text) to will be used to create a custom die. There is a one-time die charge and a run charge per piece.
Maximum image size: Handle Zone - 5" W x 0.625" H. Taper Zone - 4" W x 0.625" HYou may choose the foil color for the imprint area.


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